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Any baby (or even preschooler) has a tendency to knock over any tower you build.

George jumped right at the opportunity! Stacking up blocks at various heights, George crawled right over to plow them down.

Teaching him, amidst his play, all about cause and effect.

George first discovered the block towers, attempted to touch them which knocked them down and then finally realized what he did.

Repeat this cause and effect play over and over.

Stack more blocks. Knock the towers down.

(Our block towers can only be made while Henry is napping. He doesn’t care for George playing with his blocks.)

George took the opportunity to knock down blocks whenever he could.

(Forewarning: Do not attempt letting your preschooler stack the blocks while baby is around.)

Even though knocking down towers is a blast, George best likes to use the wooden blocks as teethers. They’re Melissa and Doug blocks (affiliate link), I’m not too worried that they’re harmful.

This is one of 44 ways to play with blocks!

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  1. Melissa says

    We spend a lot of time building block towers so they can be knocked down too. Emily (11 mths) just loves this game. She has just started to try and place blocks on top of the tower herself.

  2. DaddyNumberOne says

    Stick with non-electronic toys as much as possible. My son is 5, and we have really tried to focus on blocks, legos, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, etc. Just like you said, they emphasize cause and effect. Many electronic toys that purport to teach music or the alphabet actually just make noise every time the child touches it. This teaches nothing.

    And another great thing about the simple toys like Lincoln Logs and the rest is that they require no batteries, make no noise, and they last forever. And you can find 20 year old sets on ebay that are in great shape and cost very little money.

  3. Jackie H. says

    What a cutie! I completely understand the non-brotherly love during block play. Logan loves to build the towers, Tyson loves to knock them down. There is way too much fighting!! So we usually play one on one with momma!

  4. Rachel says

    We love banging down towers over here. Its quite comical my younger two are on the prowl to knock down and my older two are building… not quite a "pleasant" combination

  5. Aunt Annie says

    You know, the whole build-em-up versus knock-em-down dynamic is the main reason I don't like full-time family groupings in care centres. The older kids get SOOOOO frustrated and we're constantly 'saving' the poor babies, who are only doing what babies are programmed to do!

  6. Mama Pea Pod says

    So cute! Sweet Pea loves blocks too, mostly knocking them down and laughing, but sometimes building them up now too. I'm so happy to see her enjoying them, as they really are such wonderful learning tools.

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