It’s Playtime! : Big Art Edition

Creating Art while sitting just doesn’t do it in this house. To get Henry the most involved [and happy while doing it], I come up with ways to make art that gets him moving as well.The best way to do this? Make the art big! The It’s Playtime posts that catch my eye the most […]


Baby Play : Block Towers

Any baby [or even preschooler] has a tendency to knock over any tower you build. George jumped right at the opportunity! Stacking up blocks at various heights, George crawled right over to plow them down. Teaching him, amidst his play, all about cause and effect. George first discovered the block towers, attempted to touch them which knocked them down and then […]


Playtime Series : Messy Kids

———— Meet Rachele from Messy Kids! [This is part two in a series of features on the play based hosts of It’s Playtime!] ———— Messy Kids is a play based blog written by Rachele, and is focused on thecreative process of art.Rachele lives in San Diego and sidekicks her blog as a clown!    This canvas art […]

Art : Window Paint Creations

Paint on a large window, outside?  It doesn’t get much better than that! We’ve finally had some nice weather lately, and getting outside has been much needed! I quickly made up some window paint. I googled the recipe for window paint and ran across a recipe that included dish soap. I looked under my sink, […]

Free Play : Carpet Doodles

Carpet doodling was an unexpected activity that came out of some free play. Henry and I scored a bunch of old utensils and cookie cutters from my great-grandmother’s house. They’ve been in a bucket around the house and played with nearly every day. As we were playing one day, we discovered that they could make […]


Playtime Series : The Imagination Tree

———— Meet Anna from The Imagination Tree! [This is part one in a series of features on the play based hosts of It’s Playtime!] ———— The Imagination Tree is a very creative, play based blog written by Anna Ranson from the UK. She currently stays at home with her two little girls, but professionally she’s […]


It’s Playtime! : Upcycle before Recycle

Recycling versus Upcycling? I’m still unsure of the differences, so I had to look it up and found this article from Intercon. How I understand it is to upcycle means you give new life to or reuse items without degrading it. Recycling degrades the item and turns it into something new again.So my advice: Do […]

Traveling Activities

This past weekend the boys and I went traveling with Grandma and [someday] Aunt Kim to visit my other brother’s family. How to entertain the boys during our travels? I packed bags of activities to do! Imaginets – a magnetic white board case with magnet shapes to create. [Included some of Henry’s Crayola washable markers […]

Baby Play : Mirror Reflections

Mirrors are fascinating to a baby! George is no exception. I sat George in front of a full length mirror. [the closet doors at the hotel we were at this past weekend] He had a blast exploring his reflection! Can I touch the reflection? What will it do? Turns out the reflection can do everything […]

Fine motor threading using dandelions picked

Fine Motor Threading with Dandelions

Fine motor activity with dandelions! On Mother’s Day, we headed outside to pick dandelions at my mom’s house and collected them in a basket. Not doing anything in particular with them. Later that week, we went outside and did the same thing again at home. Henry thoroughly enjoys picking dandelions.  He gets excited when he finds […]