Preschool Technology : Keyboard Lesson

Opening a Word document and letting Henry have free reign with the computer keyboard. Never thought a preschooler could have so much fun. And learn a thing or two in the process! Getting comfortable with a QWERTY keyboard is new to Henry. The letters aren’t alphabetical like his toy laptop. Finding letters was somewhat of […]


It’s Playtime! : Playing Favorites

The Best of It’s Playtime!   The posts that you liked the best, by heading over to their blogs or liking them on the linky. These are your favorite play posts: Jada Roo Can Do’s camping sensory bin! With rice, noodles, pine cones and so much more… Sensory galore! Spaghetti Towers! Practice patterning and giving those […]

Crafty Art : Eric Carle Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is probably the most well-known, and popular, of his books. At least it is to me. I asked Henry if he’d like to make a caterpillar out of tin cans. He jumped at the chance and wanted me to read the book constantly while he painted. Tin cans […]

It’s Playtime! : Animals

Animals. Cow. Learning animal names. Moo. Learning animal sounds. Its a big part of the beginning stages of talking for a toddler. Flying. Learning animal movements. Nests. Learning animal habitats. For a preschooler, animals become part of their world. This week, Kate at An Amazing Child is celebrating Eric Carle. We checked out a few […]

Kid Talk : Construction Site

During some outdoor play after supper, Henry got his big backhoe out and started digging on the hillside. When I asked what he was doing, the following is his answer. I’m tearing down a building. A bakery. A building that a bakery was in.   And I’m going to put a farm there. And over […]

Fabric streamers free play!

Free Play : Fabric

Yesterday’s basket of fabric scraps that George explored, turned into some exploring from Henry, as well. The entire basket, of course, was dumped onto the floor immediately. Henry began sorting the fabric scraps by color. At least that’s what he told me. He was collecting the blue fabrics. He hoarded his collection behind him. Telling me […]

Fabric busy play for babies

Baby Activity: Fabric Scraps

A new sensory item for George is a tub of fabric scraps! I’ve had these in the cupboard for years, not being able to bring myself to throw them out, but not knowing what else to do with them either. I brought them out one morning for George to explore. I put a selection of […]


Playtime Series : Let the Children Play

———— Meet Jenny from Let the Children Play! [This is part four in a series of features on the hosts of It's Playtime!] ———— Jenny is the author behind the blog, Let the Children Play. Her name explains her philosophy loud and clear. The posts she writes are definitely reminders to just let the children play! Jenny is […]


It’s Playtime : Just Art

Painting is an obvious form of art. There are also many different ways to paint. But, what about other ways to make art, without paint? Using fabric scraps to make a collage like Tinkerlab is an artform that can be expanded upon to make even more art masterpieces! Art for Little Hands creates a piece […]

Music Art : Tin Can Drums

We’ve been on a tin can binge, so Henry and I had to make these drums from tin cans, too! During my hunt for balloon ideas, I found this tin can drum idea from both Quirky Momma and Mini-Eco. Since Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, and his Dad used to be a drummer, I […]