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window paint

Paint on a large window, outside?

It doesn’t get much better than that!
We’ve finally had some nice weather lately, and getting outside has been much needed!

I quickly made up some window paint.

I googled the recipe for window paint and ran across a recipe that included dish soap.
I looked under my sink, no dish soap? So, I substituted with hand soap.

Without really measuring, I mixed together:

  • 1 cup hand soap (or use dish soap)
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • Few drops of food coloring

window paint

Add a few sponges, cut up sponges and sponge balls to each color of paint!

(The sponge balls were intended for the bathtub, but have yet to make their way in there.)

The sponge balls have proved to be a very fun tool to paint with!

Henry only painted with the regular sponges to start out. Once he tried the sponge ball, there was no going back!

window paint

(The hand soap made the paint very goopy. I think if dish soap were used, the paint would have spread easier.) We tried a slightly different window paint recipe later that was much less goopy.

Henry wanted to cover every part of the window with paint…

I had to help with the high parts – though Henry tried his best to reach himself!

window paint

When the paint did go on well, it had amazing color to it.

window paint

If enough paint was applied and left, it began to drip.
Henry found this very interesting.
He asked me to paint more and more to cause this effect.

window paint

Because the sun was shining, the view from inside was almost more spectacular than from outside!

window paint

Cleanup was also a highlight of our window paint creations. It was easy cleanup.

But soapy.

window paint cleanup

(Very soapy.)

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