Finger Painting for Toddlers to Make Tape Resist Art

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Finger painting for toddlers is a great sensory activity, along with a great beginning art activity for them.

Finger painting for toddlers is a great sensory activity, along with a great beginning art activity for them.

As George is getting older, it’s getting more interesting to keep him entertained during activities with Henry. Especially art activities. Because he’s usually stuck in his high chair with nothing to do.

To solve this, I included George in the activity this time. I made my own finger paint (its an edible recipe found At the Butterfly Ball) so just in case when George ate it, I knew it wasn’t harmful. I could have also used our Crayola Finger Paints (affiliate link), they’re non-toxic and I’d feel okay if George put some in his mouth.

The recipe made nine baby food containers of finger paint. I made the paint myself and left them uncolored. We’re getting a kick out of making our own craft recipes, they’re usually super easy and only include stuff you’d normally have around in your cupboards.

This is a great toddler-friendly recipe, it’s included in a collection of 50 activities for your toddler.

Homemade Finger Paint for Toddlers Tape Resist Art

When Henry got home from preschool, I let him stir colors into the finger paint.

I taped down the letter H and G onto pieces of scrapbook paper beforehand.

Henry started into his paint right away. Spooning and dumping the paint out in globs and globs.

Homemade Finger Paint for Toddlers Tape Resist Art

Not using his fingers in any way. I just let him do as he pleased and tended to George. George didn’t know what to think.

Homemade Finger Paint for Toddlers Tape Resist Art

And he did have a mouthful of paint. Only once though. It must not have tasted so good.

Meanwhile, Henry kept globbing on the paint with his spoon.

Homemade Finger Paint for Toddlers Tape Resist Art

He eventually did put down the spoon and got his fingers (hands and arms) in the paint.

Henry thought he was being hilarious when he smacked his painting over and over, sending splatters of paint everywhere.

Homemade Finger Paint for Toddlers Tape Resist Art

It left a pretty neat mark on his paper though. I wanted him to leave it, but kept my mouth shut. He went onto smearing it.


And maybe onto George’s painting a little.

I really did enjoy both the boys painting side by side.

Henry really enjoyed doing it with George. George probably would’ve rather been eating though.

Homemade Finger Paint for Toddlers Tape Resist Art

When Henry was finished and George had enough, I hung their paintings to dry.

They were soaked.

Homemade Finger Paint for Toddlers Tape Resist Art

They took the entire day to dry.

I framed Henry’s H in the 12×12 Scrapbook Frame (affiliate link) that I have. I hope to get more of these frames so I can hang this in Henry’s room (and George’s in his too!).

Homemade Finger Paint for Toddlers Tape Resist Art

I found the recipe for Homemade Finger Paint from At the Butterfly Ball.

You can also substitute the food coloring for poster paints, but it won’t be edible then.

Henry was 3 years old. George was 11 months old.

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  1. Liane says

    Love the letter resists. We learned the hard way that homemade finger paint with ferment and explode out of the container, especially in warm summer weather. So store the extra in the fridge or freezer!

  2. thedaycarelady says

    Two activities in one, and results that can be framed and kept as keepsakes. This will be a perfect activity for my multi-age group! (Would even be a good mother's day gift if the letters spelled MOM.) Thank you!!!

  3. Rebekah says

    Did u use painters tape? I tried this with painters tape but couldn't remove it without ripping the paper. And Miss E painted so much I couldn't find the tape it was covered with layers of paint. :)

  4. Jackie H. says

    Great ideas. I tried painting with my boys last week. We were going to stamp with apples cut in 1/2. My one 1/2 year old wouldn't stop eating the paint covered apple… looks like I'm going to have to try your recipe… oh, and I pinned your letters onto my letter learning pinterst board!

  5. The Outlaw Mom says

    What a fun idea! It's so hard to do art projects with a 2.5 year old and 15 month old because the younger one doesn't get that you can't eat everything yet and it spoils the older one's fun when I am just chasing her little brother around saying "no" constantly. Our art n' craft time is usually relegated to the little ones naps or when there's more than one adult around. This is the perfect problem solver! Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. Anonymous says

    I'd love to know about the kind of tape also! I'd Love to do this as a group activity at out playgroup soon and have other crafting ideas where I need something that will peel up like this. If you or anyone could give me some ideas of what kind of tape to look for, I'd definitely appreciate it so I don't have to do too much trial and error on my own.


  7. Anonymous says

    Oh, and how did it clean up? Does it stain clothes/furniture/skin? I'd like to know a little about what to expect before we try it the first time. Clothes I don't mind and it's easy to put something down around them. Wondering mostly about how long it stays on their hands/arms/faces/etc….

    • Jamie says

      Im sure there’s a recipe for some without the gelatin. Try just a flour/water mixture. Or check what The Imagination Tree has, I know she has a couple finger paint recipes.

    • Jamie says

      I used painter’s tape (just the Blue kind) — it still stuck sometimes, I always think its because I don’t wait for it to dry completely. I haven’t figured out the secret to it yet. Let me know how it goes for you!

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