Frozen Paint Summer Art Project For Kids


Even when its miserably hot outside, we’ve been keeping cool with lots of ice and even frozen paint! This is a great summer art project for kids on a hot day! [If its too hot outside, get them active indoors with 12 indoor gross motor activities.]

So far, George has played with ice cubes [a simple sensory activity for babies] and Henry discovered a healthy snack of fruit in a frozen ice excavation.

The kids even managed to keep cool while creating art!

I’ve seen a lot of ice cube paintings out there, where you color some ice cubes with some food coloring. It often gives a watercolor effect, often very pastel.

For this art project, I was looking for a something a little more… vibrant!

Frozen Paint Summer Art Project For Kids

So we got artsy with some frozen paint.

How to make frozen paint:

Instead of just coloring ice cubes, we froze entire cubes of paint [I used Crayola washable paints, its our fave], with just a dash of water to top it off.

frozen paint art to beat the heat

I stuck with our favorite combination of colors: blue and yellow. They make Henry’s favorite. Green.

When I topped off the paint with water, the colors kind of combined in the ice cube tray, but they were only green on top, underneath was still yellow or blue. [Looking back, I only needed to freeze about 3 cubes of paint, we have 9 more in the freezer waiting for another hot paint day!]

I stuck the paint in the freezer for about 20 minutes and then added the craft sticks. [I used these craft sticks because that's what I had on hand.] I’m not quite sure how long they took to freeze, we stuck them in the freezer in the morning, and they were ready after nap [around 4pm].

Hot summer day art project for kids: Sun needed!

To start painting, you just pop them out of the container like you would a regular ice cube and let the heat of the sun do its work! The cube is your paintbrush!

[Don't forget to slather sunscreen on the kids before heading out to do this art project!]

frozen paint art to beat the heat

It took a little bit to get going, but once the heat got the paint cubes melting, it melted on the canvas so brilliantly! Very vibrant!

It didn’t take long for Henry to dive in with his hands to mix the colors together.
Frozen Paint Summer Art Project For Kids
Along with making green, Henry made rivers of blue going through the green. He made rows of corn in fields.

And he made a huge mess! This was definitely a messy, messy activity!

Frozen Paint Summer Art Project For Kids

With the pool out for the day, cleanup was simple and fun!

Henry jumped in and cooled off and scrubbed himself clean!
Frozen Paint Summer Art Project For Kids

While Henry was enjoying painting, George enjoyed his ice cubes. They had a moment or two without any sibling rivalry.

Frozen Paint Summer Art Project For Kids

It was nice. [For a moment.]

Henry continued being nice to his brother and was very specific that he made his piece of art for George’s room. He was also very specific in how it hung, which side was up.

Frozen Paint Summer Art Project For Kids

Some more painting with frozen paint cubes:



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Henry is 3 years old.

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