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George is turning 1…tomorrow!

create your own DIY wrapping paper


Henry and I got creative by making some of our own wrapping paper for George’s present.

A simple art technique with tissue paper and water, that I learned about from The Little Red Hen.

Henry started with ripping different colors of tissue paper into small pieces.


create your own DIY wrapping paper


We then arranged them on a long piece of butcher [or art] paper.

It was an array of colors! All very bright.

create your own DIY wrapping paper


Once Henry was satisfied with the arrangement, he got right into squirting water all over it.

Strengthening little fingers the entire time.


create your own DIY wrapping paper

After we had wet down the tissue paper, we noticed it needed more color, so we added more tissue paper as we went along.

Wetting it down entirely with water.
create your own DIY wrapping paper


Then we had to have patience. We let it dry overnight.

And then removed all the dried tissue paper.
create your own DIY wrapping paper

We had success!

[No worries about waste, the tissue paper didn’t go in the garbage. It’ll be reused more than once, I’m sure, stay tuned.]

I was wary of the tissue paper bleeding, wondering if it really would or not. Some colors bled more than others, while some didn’t at all. But we did have pretty results.
create your own DIY wrapping paper

I wrapped up George’s present with our DIY wrapping paper that we created.

Henry decorated the wrapping paper additionally with markers and stickers.
create your own DIY wrapping paper

Henry was proud of his work and showed George his piece of artwork. 

… That will inevitably be ripped off probably into shreds tomorrow.
create your own DIY wrapping paper


Where has this year gone? I can’t believe George is turning 1!

Henry is 3 years old.

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  1. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree says

    Beautiful Wrapping paper! We need to revisit this idea of bleeding tissue paper again! Thanks for the reminder! Happy early birthday to George! I'm sure you'll have an amazing post about his B-day party! Looking forward to it!

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