Animal Activities on It’s Playtime!

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In keeping with the animal theme of the Readathon, I thought I’d share some fun activities that are animal based that can be used as activity extensions for the animal books you’re reading!

The books that are available from MeMeTales free to check out this week are ‘Five Little Ducklings’ and ‘The Donkey and the Wolf’. And I love these activities that go with them.

  • (below-left) ‘The Donkey and the Wolf’ activity that really gets into the book from The Usual Mayhem. Reenacting the story!
  • (below-right) ‘Five Little Ducklings’ activity goes on a hunt for the ducks, just like in the book! A scavenger hunt outdoors, as well as a virtual one from photos taken. Love both of those concepts from No Twiddle Twaddle.

'The Donkey and the Wolf' Activity  'Five Little Ducklings' Activity

8 More Animal Activities from It’s Playtime!

10 Animal Themed Activities for Kids

Above, clockwise from top-left:

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