Adding ‘Put Ups’ to Back to School Morning Routine

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We go back to school early here (I think earlier than most) in mid-August. So we’re about a month until school starts.

Before it creeps up on me any faster, I’ve decided to put our back to school routine back into action for the morning before we get too far out of it.

Our morning school routine is pretty simple.

  • Wake up
  • Eat breakfast
  • Get dressed
  • Brush teeth
  • Put shoes on and pack the school bag
  • Walk to school

And in there, there is usually time for play, or even a quick morning show on PBS because the boys usually wake up quite early.

Unfortunately, during that free play, I often hear a lot of negative comments lately. And it needs to get turned around before school starts so they’re not talking like at school to their classmates, or even their teachers.

“Get out of my way!”

“No! I’m playing with that! It’s mine!”


I’ve recently gotten the opportunity to check out the Playful Learning Ecademy, and her ‘Put Ups and Put Downs’ eLesson is something I want to work into our every day routines, including our back to school morning routine.

Fill back to school morning routine with Put Ups!

To understand what I’m talking about, I’ll first have to let you in on what a Put Up and a Put Down is exactly:

  • What is a Put Up? A Put Up makes you feel good. Makes you smile. Its basically a compliment, but it also could be a praising comment or even a nice gesture.
  • What is a Put Down? Exactly what you’re thinking it is. It makes you feel sad, mad or just bad. It puts a frown on your face and you might mope around. Its a negative comment that’s mean or just rude. Its just plain not nice.

My kids aren’t writers yet, so we won’t be using the Put Ups Printable that’s included with the eLesson, but we can still do the same sort of thing to fill our morning with Put Ups for a truly awesome day!

  • During breakfast, we can take a moment and go around the table for each person (parent too, not just the kids) to say a Put Up about each person sitting at the table. We may even make it a game to see how many times we can make it around the table that day and see if we can do more Put Ups than the day before (maybe a chart would be handy)!
  • Before anyone plays or watched a show, they need to give someone else a Put Up!
  • We could take turns brushing teeth and the kids (and parents) not brushing their teeth could give the kid that is brushing their teeth as many Put Ups as they can before they’re done. Or make it so that the one brushing their teeth can’t stop brushing until the others can’t think of any more Put Ups!
  • While packing school bags, I want to go over what they brought home the previous day for me to give them Put Ups for all their efforts at school.
  • And just including Put Ups whenever possible on our walk to school, or anytime while we’re getting ready.

At first, kids will probably think of Put Ups as physical things. Such as, “Your hair looks nice today”. But it can (and probably should) go beyond that, for instance “You ran really fast to catch that ball today”. My own participation in doing Put Ups will give them the examples they need to understand that the sky is the limit when it comes to Put Ups!

Then at the end of the day, in our bedtime routine, I’ll be including ways to be talk about Put Downs that happened that day with the kids and work with them to figure out how we can turn it into a Put Up instead.

Kind of a new concept to “Turn that frown upside down”… we’re just changing it to “Turn that Put Down into a Put Up!”

Back to School Morning Routine- "Turn that Put Down into a Put Up"

You can take the Put Ups and Put Downs eLesson from Playful Learning too!

The Power of Put-Ups from Playful Learning

Disclosure: I received the access to the Playful Learning Ecademy in exchange for sharing my honest opinion and experience about the course. This post contains affiliate links.

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