Activity: Snowman Fridge

Snowman Fridge Activity

A very large snowman for your kitchen! This is so easy to do!

I made ours an interactive snowman.

I cut out the following pieces from craft foam sheets.

  • 2 large black circles [eyes]
  • 3 medium black circles [buttons]
  • 5 small black circles [mouth]
  • 1 orange triangle [nose]

snowman activity
If you don’t have the craft foam sheets, construction or scrapbook paper would work for this too! That’s what I saw done at “Crafting” my Talents.

My foam is self-adhesive. Potentially, I could have just stuck them onto the fridge like that and would have been even easier.

Instead, I cut out a little circle in the middle of the sticky paper and stuck on a craft magnet [Thanks for them!]. It would be even easier with self-adhesive craft magnets!


A snowman needs a scarf too, right?

Take some of that leftover wrapping paper, the scraps work well, or just a 3 inch strip off the end of a roll does the trick too.

Simply cut the wrapping paper in long strips to form the scarf. I taped the scarf in place.

Ta-da, you’ve made a snowman!

Now let the kids have fun making silly faces with the pieces!
snowman crafty activity


Counting pieces adds a little learning to the activity!

Henry counted the number of mouth pieces and buttons on the snowman!


snowman learning activity


Bonus: It made me clean off my fridge! I think this will have to be done every year just for that sole reason!


Henry is 3 years old.

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  1. Patricia Colucci says

    OMG that is so stinkin cute!!! Wish you had posted this earlier…and that my fridge wasn't black. LOL!!

  2. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree says

    Really cute! From the thumbnail I thought it was a paper bag puppet because of the rectangular shape. The fridge snowman is a great idea!

  3. Laura @Art For Little Hands says

    This is awesome! I love that you made magnets so your kids can play with him. My kids would think this is awesome. Now how to change my black fridge to white??

  4. Brittney says

    This is cute! I took the cheater's way out and bought magnetic fridge sets at Dollar Tree. They loved mixing up Santa's and the Snowman's pieces, and the reindeer turned into a dog!

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