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A very large snowman for your kitchen! This is so easy to do!

I made ours an interactive snowman.

Make a snowman fridge

I cut out the following pieces from craft foam sheets (affiliate link).

  • 2 large black circles (eyes)
  • 3 medium black circles (buttons)
  • 5 small black circles (mouth)
  • 1 orange triangle (nose)

snowman activity
If you don’t have the craft foam sheets, construction or scrapbook paper would work for this too! That’s what I saw done at “Crafting” my Talents.

My foam is self-adhesive. Potentially, I could have just stuck them onto the fridge like that and would have been even easier.

Instead, I cut out a little circle in the middle of the sticky paper and stuck on a craft magnet (affiliate link) – thanks for them! It would be even easier with self-adhesive craft magnets (affiliate link).

A snowman needs a scarf too, right?

Take some of that leftover wrapping paper, the scraps work well, or just a 3 inch strip off the end of a roll does the trick too.

Simply cut the wrapping paper in long strips to form the scarf. I taped the scarf in place.

Ta-da, you’ve made a snowman!

Now let the kids have fun making silly faces with the pieces!
snowman crafty activity

Counting pieces adds a little learning to the activity!

Henry counted the number of mouth pieces and buttons on the snowman!

snowman learning activity

Bonus: It made me clean off my fridge! I think this will have to be done every year just for that sole reason!


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  1. Katie Sander says

    It might be even easier to get magnetic tape in a tape dispenser (3/4″ wide at Hobby Lobby for 10′). I used it on foam shapes I cut out for my grandaughter to use on a cookie sheet or pie tin like the “old” color form shapes. The foam sheets are so lightweight that you don’t need much tape.

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