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During nap time, I set up this simple ‘follow the string’ indoor scavenger hunt for kids.

I strung yarn around the room (a couple of rooms actually).

Looping it through furniture and toys, creating a tangled mess.

String yarn through the house for a fun indoor scavenger hunt for kids

I found this string scavenger hunt idea for outside awhile back from Ready. Set. Read! but recently saw another similar scavenger hunt at Having Fun at Home with ribbons.

Find all sorts of scavenger hunt ideas for kids here.

With clothespins, I pinned stickers and letters to hunt for along the course of the string.

An indoor scavenger hunt to spell your name

Henry awoke and instantly began climbing through, over and under the strings.

He wasn’t really sure what I had intended with this mess.

Follow the string to spell your name - an indoor scavenger for kids to do

Luckily, during a quick potty break, I explained the rules:

  • Start at the beginning of the string and keep a hold of the string.
  • Follow the string throughout the scavenger hunt.
  • Hunt for and collect treasures along the way.

Find letters along the way indoor scavenger hunt for kids

Henry continued his climbing over and under each string as he came across it.

Crawling under the table where the string took him.

Finding treasures as he came across them.

Find the letters of their name -- an indoor scavenger hunt for kids

In the end, the letters spelled his name (in order, but that didn’t matter since he wouldn’t put them down and they got all jumbled up in his hand).

There were also ‘treasures’ of Bob the Builder stickers.


Henry’s been continually playing with his machine (Bob the Builder) stickers as if they were toys.

What kind of indoor scavenger hunt for kids?

Another indoor scavenger hunt for kids to do is search for letters and numbers! Its great for matching upper and lowercase letters, along with practicing counting. Try it!

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