Activity : Cutting Catalogs for a Book

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Henry’s finally got the act of cutting with a scissors down!

It took a lot of practice, but he’s figured it out and loves cutting now!
(He often requests to do it randomly…)

cutting catalogs to make a book

We have these John Deere catalogs and calendars frequently.
My parents often grab them at the implement just for Henry to have his ‘books’.

I suggested to Henry that we create our own book from these catalogs.
Henry got busy cutting out his favorite machinery right away.
(Notice that he has the correct hold on his scissors now! Go Henry!)

cutting scissors practice for preschoolers

This was an ongoing process.
Henry cut out the tractors and machines for his book for days, even weeks.
I loved that it was completely done by him though.
He cut out one or two a day.

When he finally cut out enough for his book, we put it together.
I grabbed a handful of construction paper and simply folded it in half.
I tied a piece of yarn around the middle (in the crease).
(I would have strung it through holes if I could find my hole punch, but I can’t for the life of me.)

making a book from a catalog

Henry glued the backs of his cut out machines with a glue stick.
And simply stuck it on each page.

simple book for preschoolers

Some of the tractors and machines, of course, were too big to fit on the pages!
So they hung over the edge a bit.

Once all the pieces were in place.
We went through the book together.
As Henry told me about each of the pages, I wrote down the story he told me.

Henry became the author of his very own “Henry’s Tractor Book”!

writing a story for a homemade book

We didn’t get around to reading it together until a couple days later.
I found it very intriguing that Henry told me the exact (very close) story as he told me the first time when I wrote them down!

preschooler making a book

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  1. Laura @Art For Little Hands says

    What a great idea! I bet he loves it. I can tell he is really good with the scissors. What talent!! I have got to try this idea with my kids. Simple enough for toddlers, but still advanced enough for elementary age kids.

  2. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree says

    Great idea! Love that Henry is cutting out from the John Deere catalog. We should make a book like this! I'm getting so many great ideas from this magazine challenge—won't want to throw away magazines! P.S. Are you working on your blog now, because this post seems jumbled and can't see it all?

  3. rachelle | tinkerlab says

    Yay for Henry and his scissors. Once a child figures scissors out, they can't be stopped!! Isn't it cool that he remembered the story just as he told it the first time? I love that. Thanks for being part of the challenge – on your vacay no less!

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