Outdoor Activities

5 Outdoor Activities on It’s Playtime!

With a newborn in the house now it’s hard for us to get outside and play regularly. I dug up these five outdoor activities from last week’s It’s Playtime to inspire us with some ideas to get outside get this fall before it gets too cold later on this winter. When that snow does fall […]

10 Fun Things to do in the Snow - Outside!

10 Fun Things to do in the Snow – Outside!

Winter is coming and these fun things to do in the snow will come in handy! Whether we like it or not. Snow will eventually fall [at least for us up north... we're in Iowa, so its bound to happen]. It always seems hard to get outside in the cold [it especially will this winter with a newborn], […]


Math Activity: Counting Maze of Numbers

  In an effort to brush up on Henry’s counting skills before school starts next week, I made a quick counting maze on our driveway with sidewalk chalk. We’ve done a counting maze before with tape, indoors. And we’ve also done a simple maze outside on the driveway too. I thought combining the two might […]


Fly a [Homemade and Recycled] Kite!

Fly a kite today!  Run in the backyard or take it to the park. All you need it some string, a plastic grocery bag [one preferably without holes, which may or may not be hard to find], and a rubberband for extra assurance that it won’t fly away. I tied string to both handles of the […]

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Preschooler Game: Alphabet Ball

Welcome Carolyn of The Pleasantest Thing! Carolyn’s sharing an activity that fits right in on hands on : as we grow! An educational activity, that’s all about movement! Keep moving forward this summer, right?   My four year old is in the pre-reading stage where he likes to ask how to spell words, and “what letter does [insert […]


Pouring Water: Toddler Activity

Pouring water for drinks! A simple life skill to learn, but how do they learn it? With practice! Take it outside while they learn it. Once they become more precise, bring it inside to the dinner table. Its been super hot here, so playing outside has been minimal. But I thought with some water we […]

'Make a Rainbow' Hunt

‘Make A Rainbow’ Hunt! with BabbaBox Giveaway!

We got a BabbaBox! [And you can get one too! Check out the giveaway for a 3 month membership below!] I just want to quickly tell you what BabbaCo is all about. They send you some awesome crafty/activity ideas with all the stuff right in a box, right to your front door. Can’t get much easier […]

Mud Printing Activity (1)

Mud Prints: Animals, Feet and Handprints

The boys have been loving their dirt patch. Henry keeps talking about making mud and turning it to dirt and the other way around, not fully understanding it I don’t think. So I thought, what better way to show him what mud is exactly than making it! We turned the dirt patch into a mud […]

Painting the driveway with water

Water Activity: Painting the Driveway

So, can I credit my mom for an activity? My husband picked up the kids at my parents’ house last week [I was still decorating cakes at suppertime...], and he found them painting her sidewalk with water. Henry told me that night during our nightly bedtime conversation that was his favorite part of the day. […]

Monthly Family Challenge by The Family Network

Family Challenge: Get Outside as a Family

The Family Network is bringing you a monthly Family Challenge, in hopes to challenge you to do the same. April’s Family Challenge is to Get Outside as a Family. I’ve been saying over and over that this weather has been incredible this year. [We mowed the lawn in March, when has that ever happened before?] Anyhow. April […]