Nature Scavenger Hunt: Perfect for Young Kids

The boys and I had a much needed evening in our yard doing a nature scavenger hunt! To be honest, ever since I started working on the Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack, I haven’t spent nearly enough time playing with my kids. We still have done activities and played every day, but not nearly enough. […]


Art : Homemade Window Paint Take 2

I love when Henry chooses the activity for the day. This time he wanted really, really badly to paint the big window again! When we made window paint last time, it was super sticky and goopy. This time, I looked up a new window paint recipe from Home Spun Threads. Very similar recipe to the last, but this […]


Big Art Project for Toddlers: Ribbon Painting

Get moving and get creative at the same time with a big art project. Ribbon painting is a fun art project for toddlers to let loose and paint in a fun way. But its also fun for preschoolers too! It wasn’t just ribbon painting… it was ribbon throw painting. I begin by asking… Henry, what three […]


10 Must Have Toys for Outdoor Fun!

These are my basic toys that kids must have for outdoor fun! They’re pretty much as basic as it gets and we have them all and love them. I can only vouch for fun from 4 years and younger. But I think they’re all pretty basic and have a wide age range associated with them. […]


Free Printable for an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

I absolutely love this simple scavenger hunt that The Taylor House shared. I was completely bummed to find out that the same day I shared it  her site was down. I really think its worth checking out and wanted to share it again for those of you that missed being able to check it out! […]


15 Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids To Do Now

Its time to get outside with some of these fun outdoor activities for kids, that are simple enough to do right now! I love this time of year. Well, not exactly quite yet. There’s still snow this year! But when that snow starts to melt and the leaves start budding on the trees… that’s my […]


Painting with Eggs & Rolling Balls

Gets the kids moving and creative at the same time while painting with eggs. Just the plastic Easter egg kind, not real ones! [Though that brings an idea...] It’s sometimes hard to do a toddler art activity when all they do is just sit and create. Henry is particularly this way. That’s why big art is […]

Outdoor Activities

5 Outdoor Activities on It’s Playtime!

With a newborn in the house now it’s hard for us to get outside and play regularly. I dug up these five outdoor activities from last week’s It’s Playtime to inspire us with some ideas to get outside get this fall before it gets too cold later on this winter. When that snow does fall […]

10 Fun Things to do in the Snow - Outside!

10 Fun Things to do in the Snow – Outside!

Winter is coming and these fun things to do in the snow will come in handy! Whether we like it or not. Snow will eventually fall [at least for us up north... we're in Iowa, so its bound to happen]. It always seems hard to get outside in the cold [it especially will this winter with a newborn], […]


Fly a [Homemade and Recycled] Kite!

Fly a kite today!  Run in the backyard or take it to the park. All you need it some string, a plastic grocery bag [one preferably without holes, which may or may not be hard to find], and a rubberband for extra assurance that it won’t fly away. I tied string to both handles of the […]