Gross Motor Activities

Gross motor activities are a great way to spend all that energy that gets built up!

We have tons of indoor and outdoor gross motor activities to do with the kids! Young kids learn best while moving around! Get them up and moving!

Lots of fun gross motor activities for kids

Remember to build the kids' gross motor skills before working with fine motor activities!

Popular gross motor activities for kids can be found in the list below, these are a great place to start!

40 Gross Motor Activities to get your kids moving! Time to get moving with these 26 gross motor activities for preschoolers 30 Gross Motor Skills Moves That are Great for Excess Energy! Turn these 15 outdoor activities into 15 fun indoor activities for kids!
40 Activities to
Get your Kids Moving
26 Ways to Get
Preschoolers Moving
30 Moves Great for
Excess Energy
Do 15 Outdoor
Activities Indoors
What to do with just some lines of tape active-kids-fun-activities scavenger-hunts-for-kids-001 IMG_5968-001
2 Activities to do with
Just Lines of Tape
25 Just Fun Activities 
for Active Kids
32 Fun Scavenger
Ideas for Kids
Tape Jumping Game

Find the most recent gross motor activities for kids below.

Make a treasure hunt to make sight words!

Make a Treasure Hunt to Make Sight Words

We haven’t done a scavenger hunt since we did our Christmas flashlight scavenger hunt, so I thought it would be fun to make a treasure hunt using a floor plan as the map. And Henry has had way too many days off for Christmas break [school keeps getting cancelled for cold weather! -20F degrees does […]