Activities from the Kitchen: It’s Playtime!

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There’s lots of activity ideas that come right from your kitchen.

These are my favorite, because they’re always something I’m going to have on hand and don’t have to go out and buy just for this one activity. And if you don’t have exactly what the activity calls for, replacements are usually pretty easy to find.

While the possibilities are endless, here’s some kitchen inspiration to get your started:

Above, clockwise from top-left:

  • Using some coffee creamer bottles (or those Puffs containers would work too!), Plain Vanilla Mom set up a bowling alley for the kids to bowl!
  • Make music with some straws! Deceptively Educational shows how to make a straw flute!
  • Play Create Explore got out some condiments and snacks from the pantry and have a smell test!
  • Got spices? Make, Do & Friend uses them for a sensory activity spice painting!

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