Play Dough, Painting, ABCs & Hunts


[above, clockwise from top-left]

  1. I set out some play dough and the boys added their construction equipment and they were busy, for literally hours, creating a complete play dough construction site.
  2. A learning scavenger hunt! Matching up letters and numbers to their corresponding counterparts after they’ve been found.
  3. George tried a little water painting on the chalkboard. He’s quite the artist!
  4. I went on a hunt to find some more hunts to feature on It’s Playtime! this week. The I Spy book shown here is found at Beautiful Somehow, and three more hunts are featured!


This coming week… 

I’m stepping out of my activity boundaries that I usually do [to write a parenting post] and going to chat a little about our ordeal with Night Terrors as part of The Golden Gleam’s “We Get It: Find Support for Difficult Childhood Behavior” series. While I don’t have a solution to George’s night terrors [yet], I’ve found some little techniques that we’re trying that seem to have some progress, and I’d like to share them with you [along with you guys sharing your expertise with me! I'm all ears for some tips, too].

I’ll also have a couple activities to share this week, I’m sure. I think I may throw in some ideas that will be really fitting for the boys, too!


Wow! Two weeks in a row I’ve got pictures of me with the boys! This is unreal!

A little snuggle time before bed, reading some books with both the boys. They were sitting so nicely this night [often a rarity], that I had to have my husband snap a picture or two.

I invite you to come talk to me! Leave me comments on posts, or talk to me on Facebook! I’d love to chat with you and get to know you a little better. If you’re not comfortable writing in a public space, you’re always welcome to email me at [email protected].

Have a great week!

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