25 Active Ways to Learn Indoors with Tape

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I have a thing with tape. I kind of like it…. just a little. Okay, maybe a lot! It comes in handy for activities, especially for active ways to learn pretty much anything!

The great thing about tape is it gets the kids moving indoors. When its too hot, or too cold to be moving outside doing activities with sidewalk chalk, you can come inside and learn with tape!


25 ways to learn indoors with tape, not just learn either, but active learning! It will be lots of fun this winter when we’re stuck indoors!

Ways to Learn Indoors with Tape: ABCs, Letters and other Literacy Activities

Ways to Learn Indoors with Tape: ABCs, Letters and other Literacy Activities

  1. Create a tape maze to have the kids find their way through the alphabet from A to Z.
  2. Just have the kids make tape letters. – And Next Comes L
  3. Tape out large tape letters on the floor for the kids to walk along. – Words of His Heart
  4. Outline those same taped letters with objects from around the house. – 3 Dinosaurs
  5. Make a spelling mat (or math mat) with taped letters. – Banana Splits

Bonus! Find some fun move and learn sight words at Coffee Cups and Crayons and some letter recognition at The Pleasantest Thing. Plus, be inspired by our 50 Incredible Alphabet Activities!

Ways to Learn Indoors with Tape: 123s, Numbers, and other Math Activities

Ways to Learn Indoors with Tape: 123s, Numbers, and other Math Activities

  1. Use a road of tape as an activity course for kids to count through and do something before continuing on. -JDaniel4’s Mom
  2. Create a tape maze to have the kids find their way and count (hint: adjust the numbers to their ability!).
  3. For older kids, learn about perimeter and areas of shapes. – Day Dreaming Maths
  4. Practice numbers with some hopscotch, adjust the numbers to what they’re working on! – Totally Tots
  5. Use tape pieces to count, try mitten math, or make it whatever theme works for the season or holiday! – Toddler Approved

Bonus: Lots of fun move and learn activities to learn math can be found at Toddler Approved too! Plus, you’ll find many activities in our 40 Awesome Number Activities for Preschoolers.

Ways to Learn Indoors with Tape: Shape Activities

Ways to Learn Indoors with Tape: Shape Activities

  1. Tape out shapes on the floor and roll a ball across to see what shape it lands on.
  2. Make a graph with tape and sort blocks by shape, or even color.
  3. Play an active tape shape game to learn shapes, and even sneak in letters! – Toddler Approved
  4. Play bean bags to work on shapes and numbers. – Somewhat Muddled Musings
  5. Tape shapes and walk along them, but also count their sides and match up numbers. – I Can Teach My Child
  6. Match cutout shapes to big shapes taped on the floor. -Toddler Approved
  7. Tape out shapes on the floor and fill them in with blocks, it takes skill to fill it up just right.

Bonus: Find other fun ways to learn shapes with toddlers.

Ways to Learn Indoors with Tape:  Practice Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Ways to Learn Indoors with Tape:  Practice Gross and Fine Motor Skills

  1. Make a giant tape road through the house to drive through.
  2. Make road tracks from tape all around the house (literally, on the walls, chairs, everything!) – Modern Parents Messy Kids
  3. Set up lines of tape as a goal to jump to. How far can the kids jump?
  4. Practice balancing while walking along lines of tape. Even blow pom poms along them.
  5. Or balance along the lines of tape while picking up objects! – Smiling Colors
  6. Crawl and carefully pick pom poms off of tape through a giant spider web of tape.
  7. Throw newspapers at a giant tape spider web to see how many you can stick!
  8. Don’t forget plain ol’ hopscotch or a game of bullseye either! – What to Expect

Bonus: Get preschoolers moving and learning all sorts of ways with these 30 move & learn activities for preschoolers.

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  1. says

    Great ideas! I have a painters tape addiction. It can be used for ANYTHING!

    • Jamie Reimer says

      I usually try to use Scotch Painter’s Tape – f for Delicate surfaces works the best. But i’ve had good luck with any painter’s tape – the delicate surfaces just is easier to pull off.

  2. Brocho says

    Often the child would like to use the tape on his own but has a problem tearing it off. I have taped strips of it onto parchment paper and then cut the other direction, across the strips. This leaves pieces that are easy to peel off, kind of like stickers. You can alternate your tape with different colors and cut your strips into square shapes -till any size rectangles.
    When we learned the letter T, I did this in school preparing the strips beforehand for the children. The children made letters but it was even more fun to create their own ideas.

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