Contribute to hands on : as we grow

You can submit your content to be included at hands on : as we grow!

What kind of content?

  • Playful
  • Kid-friendly oriented
  • Parenting oriented
  • Ideas and tips for stay at home moms!
  • Browse around and you’ll get the idea of the content that I’m looking for.
  • It doesn’t have to be art, craft or activity related. Your opinions matter, too!
  • It does not have to be unpublished idea of yours, but it does need to be rewritten.

How to submit your contribution idea?

  • Email the following to [email protected]
    • A short description of what you’d like to contribute about.
    • Include a picture if its appropriate. [Please only use your own images.]
    • If you’re interested in doing a blog swap and having me post on your blog as well, let me know at this time!
  • I’ll then get back to you if I feel that your content would be a good fit for hands on : as we grow and a tentative date for publishing.

How do your send in your full contribution?

  • Write the post like you would for your own blog.
    • Include your own images, if appropriate.
    • Include links back to your blog when appropriate.
  • Email the following to [email protected]
    • Copy/paste the HTML into a .txt document [using Notepad or Word] or email me the HTML
  • Include a short bio about you and your blog.

What can you expect from your contribution?

  • I’ll let you know when your contribution will be published.
  • I’ll write a brief introduction to your contribution.
  • At the end of your contribution, I’ll include a short bio on you [that you provide] as well as links to where you can be found [socially, online].
  • I will promote your contribution just as I would my own [on all the social networks I’m associated with].
  • The content you publish on hands on : as we grow becomes property of hands on : as we grow. [i.e. I may submit it to other sites, or publish it in an ebook – only dreaming! – of course with reference to the original author.]
  • After 30 days of your contribution being published on hands on : as we grow, you may post the content on your site. In order to comply with Google and not publishing duplicate content, please leave a link back to the post found here on hands on : as we grow.

Want to be a contributor?