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Hands on : as we grow is all about hands on activities for hands on moms.

Hands on : as we grow is focused on the activities I (Jamie) do with my two boys, Henry and George (and soon baby Louis too!). I’m a stay at home mom, but I also own a bakery with my husband and decorate the cakes.

Here on hands on : as we grow, I create learning experiences for Henry and George in our every day activities. The boys usually rule the activity and take it in a direction I would have never thought of.

Energetic Big Art

Henry has always been full of energy, and I’m already seeing in George that he will be too. This energy has to come out at some point, so activities that channel it in a good way are my priority.

For example, when we create art, it’s usually big art that takes movement to make. We also try to be outside as much as possible, letting that energy out in the most natural way.

child led crafts and activities

We also get a little crafty at times, Henry always leading the way. Many (most) times the craft never happens because Henry’s not in the mood, or it just doesn’t suit him. But when he does get into it, there’s some pretty cool crafts made, and like I said earlier, they often don’t turn out how I expected.

The Yarn Circle Garland is one of those crafts, morphing into a different kind of craft many times during the process. But the outcome is outstanding!

learning with baby play

George gets in on the action every now and then and experiences some very classic baby play learning. Sensory activities are a high priority for his age right now. Touching and mouthing items are his way of learning. Classic baby play, like knocking over block towers, teaches small children about simple cause and effect.

round up posts

My favorite part about this whole blogging experience is to see and collect ideas(check out my Pinterest page) of what everyone else is doing!

If I find that I’m getting interested in a specific idea and gather a few (read a few as thirty or so), I like to share them with my readers in a round-up post. My favorite of these so far is the 30 Moves for Excess Energy.

It's Playtime

Each week, I’m lucky to be a part of a wonderful group of five play-based blogs that host It’s Playtime with me. If you’re playful, be sure you stop by and play with us each week from Thursday to Tuesday for It’s Playtime and link up any play based posts, or find new ways to play! There’s usually around 100 ideas for playing!

Not sure if you got the right stuff for It’s Playtime? Be sure to read How To Play first!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Happy to have found your blog. Your Henry reminds me alot of my two year old Aidyn. He is an active little guy. Some days he may get into an art activity while others he rather just play with his trucks. As for myself I love art and being creative so I hope to inspire him as much as possible and give him many opportunities to create. I dont have a blog, but my name is Kaci. : )

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