A Snow-Themed Week of Activities

We’ve been focusing on snow activities this week.
We hadn’t had any until this week, and now we’re having some fun with it.

    1. Seriously 32 snow-themed activities. Now that its snowed. Let’s really get in the mood!


  • Another “Make it Kid Friendly” Idea. This one is a beautiful geometric garland with ideas for the kids to make it, along with some learning opportunities.



  • Pom poms! Give them to a toddler and let them explore!








This week…
George found the flour.
Henry found George playing in the flour.
The flour got tracked around the house.
Thankfully, there was only a cup of flour….
… or it could have looked like this house.
Watch this video, a must see.
jamie @ hands on : as we grow
Henry is 3 years. George is 1 year.
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  1. Joyce says

    Oh, your flour situation could have been much worse! Phew! Haha. Yay for that video making big messes look small.

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