A Relaxing Post-Holiday Week


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  1. Upcycle a cereal or cracker box into a puzzle. Make two of them by utilizing the back as a number counting puzzle!
  2. It’s Playtime! Yahoo! More activities for Things that Go were featured! [Shown is Having Fun at Chelle's House, playing in the dirt!]
  3. My sister-in-law shared some craftiness for Mom this week with a DIY Yarn wreath.
  4. This time last year: We were making some fizzies with sidewalk paint and vinegar!


I’ve decided to share with you a little more this week. Some of our weekly favorite books that we’re reading in this house [many of these are read week after week, so I will try my best to keep it fresh each week for you] along with a cool post that really caught my eye this week.


What’s caught my eye this week:

I’m a sucker for any kind of hunt. We love scavenger hunts. So when I saw this ABC hunt version from Playdough to Plato I’ve pinned it [to All Things Play!] to save for a ‘Mom, I’m bored’ day.


What we’re reading this week:

What’s going on in our house?

We’ve started a few projects around here and they all seem to be right smack in the middle of them [does that happen to anyone else?!]! We’re working on landscaping around the house. Adding a rock border [that we handpicked the rocks from my father-in-law's crop fields] and added rock to the plant bed. We’re about half done and its now put on hold for other projects… but it’s looking great so far and I’m just glad its been started.

We’ve [and by we, I mean my husband] also started remodeling the last bedroom. Its been deconstructed and Sheetrock has made some headway. We have about 4 months to finish it before we’ll have to move George into it before the baby’s born.

But… that has been put on hold for yet another project that holds priority right now. And that’s the bakery remodel. Next week that should finish up [or at least the priority portion of it] so we can get back at the other two projects! Yipee!

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