A Positive Look at It’s Playtime!

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Building character with positive behavior is what Week 3 of the Readathon is all about. Check out the books that are available this week for free:

Just like with learning anything, there’s opportunities to teach positive behavior to your child in almost any circumstance.

Here are a few fun ways that I came up with to model and describe what positive behavior is just by looking through the It’s Playtime posts:

(above, clockwise from top-left)

  • Spending time with the kids doing the littlest things like looking at the clouds and finding shapes from Red Ted Art. Taking time to find the goodness of something could open up a wonderful discussion on positive behavior.
  • Toddler Approved works on sibling rivalry with a project that they need to work together on to make fizzy fireworks! (One of the Readathon ‘Positive Behavior‘ posts that have been shared!)
  • Taking time to spend just playing with your kids models to your child that you want to be kind and is a great means for showing what type of positive behavior you expect, from JDaniel 4’s Mom.
  • Similar to spending time playing with your kids, free play for your kids themselves gives them a chance to practice that positive behavior they’ve learned (from Adventures at Home )! Be there for questions and reminders!
  • Learn with Play at Home displays a beautiful butterfly craft with words to describe, “What do you think makes you a good person?”. (One of the Readathon ‘Positive Behavior‘ posts that have been shared!)

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    What a fabulous group of activities to promote positive behaviour. And thank you so much for including our butterfly craft. Can’t wait to see everything that’s linked up this week :)

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    Now that we have an 18 yr. old, 13 yr. old and 7 yr. old. It’s easy to think these darling ideas are to young for them. But, we’ve found the 7 yr. old is often the catalyst to keep the older ones involved. We just finished reading ch. 4:1-9 of Philipians together. We each read one verse and pass the bible to the next person at the table. I think we’ll make a cloud instead of a butterfly with the positive thinking of vs. 8. on them. Thanks for the idea.

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