A First Birthday Celebration

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first birthday party

Happy 1st Birthday George!
We celebrated with friends and family this past weekend.

I try to provide entertainment for the kids, not activities or crafts that I have to lead.
I set out open-ended items that I think the kids can use themselves and not get bored with.

I always swap out my rug for the ABC play mat.
So much more washable when there’s spills to be had.

markers for play table

I blew up a few balloons for some fun play.

I added a few markers (affiliate link) to our play table that can be drawn on (I was so excited that I realized this with our DIY Road Maps). A box of baby wipes was also included for easy wipe off.

I also added a small basket of wooden blocks, as well as some small vehicles for the boys.

The big tractors found their way onto the table, of course.
It was bound to happen when there’s 6 boys to 3 girls.

boys and tractors at the party

The markers were mostly hauled in wagons and semis throughout the party.

Towards the end of the party, when guests were heading out, a couple of the boys did get the markers out.

marker play activity

Henry had more fun with this by himself the rest of the night and the next day.

Unfortunately, the balloons were hardly played with.
They were tossed around here and there.

There was plenty we could have done with them (remember the Balloon Play Roundup?), but with the kids playing (honking their horns) so nicely (ahem, really loudly), we let them be.

No party is complete without the cake, of course.
I did a simple balloon themed cake with cupcakes and an 8″ round.

I added M&Ms to the bottoms of each cupcake and airbrushed (or you could color the icing instead) the color on. I added a few pipe cleaners to act as ribbons for the balloons and bunched them together.

balloon birthday cake

And lots of presents for the birthday boy as well.
A good thing George had some practice with our Tissue Paper Bag fun!
George was way more into opening presents than Henry ever was.

tissue paper presents

A great first birthday for George and so glad to celebrate it with a wonderful group of people.

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