A Challenge : 30 Days to Hands on Play

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I’ve got a challenge for myself.

And for you too, if you’d like to join us!
Yep! Anna from The Imagination Tree and I have put together a 30 day challenge!

A challenge to play more hands on with your kids.


What is 30 Days to Hands on Play?

A 30 day challenge to inspire you to play (at least) 15 minutes with your kids (no interuptions).
To become more involved with them.
To introduce yourself and your kids to new play ideas!

How will the challenge work?

The Imagination Tree and I will alternate (on our blogs) with a play activity challenge each day for the month of November. These play activities are meant to be simple, and to use what you have on hand.

We will each be doing each day’s activities together with you, and there will be further discussion that can be found on The Play Network to share what you did for that day’s challenge. Through these discussions we hope to inspire each other more through everyone’s ways they played that day.

What can I hope to accomplish during the Challenge?
Learn to play with your kids!
Ideas to get you out of the regular old routine.
The rest is for you to decide.
That’s your first task.
Starting today.


Today’s Task:

Take mental note, or jot down, a simple mission statement of how you’d like to become more hands on with your kids.

Also, take time to learn about your kids in this process.
Jot down a few ideas of what your kids are interested in.
(Maybe also include what they’re not interested in, or their general behaviors.)
This will come in handy for the upcoming challenges.
Its best to use their interests to maximize their involvement.

I’ll go first.

My Hands On Play Mission Statement:

“I hope to focus more of my energy on my children during play time and not worry about errands, cleaning, or anything else that’s on ‘my list’. I hope to introduce my children to new ways to play and learn about my children in the process.”

Henry’s interests:

  • tractors or other farm equipment.
  • construction equipment (backhoe, excavators, etc.)
  • bakery, baking, cakes, etc.
  • He moves a lot, doesn’t like to sit still.

George’s interests:

  • tractors
  • mouths a lot of items still, most everything goes in his mouth at least once.
  • likes to put items in other objects and take them out.

Your turn.
Share here or discuss with others on this Play Network Discussion

Tomorrow I’ve got your first ‘hands on’ activity that is a must for every household!
It uses common household items, so everyone can do it!

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  1. emily says

    Hi! I started this with my 4 kids (5 and under last year) and would love to have a printable version of all 30days to keep handy – is this available? I try to keep my computer time to a minimum because I just get sucked in too easily – so I would love the option of not having to track down the day I need each morning :-)

  2. Heather says

    My hands on play mission statement is simple: I want to fill my girl’s childhood with magic moments that allow them to find their way and to be discover their beauty that will make the world sparkle.

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