A Busy Play Activity: Styrofoam Destruction


Stryofoam Destruction Busy Play Activity


Who knew Styrofoam packaging from a ceiling fan could provide such entertainment to two little boys?

Add some tools [real tools!] to some good old Styrofoam and let the boys have a blast destructing it.

Or is that all they’re doing?

At one point Henry was scooping soup Styrofoam pieces and at another time he was shaking it up, making popcorn with it! Oh, the imagination on that kid!

Styrofoam and Imaginations


It was a great distraction to have the boys play with while Dad and I worked on George’s new room [which is now done, yay!].

Destructing Styrofoam Busy Play


And something that might be even more fun that destructing a piece of foam?

Cleaning up all the pieces!



Are your kids as easily entertained

with destructing something as mine are?

 Henry is 4 years old. George is 2 this month!

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