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Hands on Activities

Our week of hands on activities: (clockwise from top-left)

  • I brought out an old post this week. One about teaching responsibility to our kids. I needed a refresher on this before the baby gets here to find age-appropriate ‘jobs’ for the boys to help out with around the house.
  • Henry added onto George’s shaving cream paintings by making his own ghosts and spider webs! The boys had a blast with shaving cream, but they thoroughly enjoy the ghosts in the house!
  • It’s Playtime has 7 gross motor activities featured that are perfect for this fall! Get the kids moving! (The big letter A shown is part of an ABC obstacle course that’s featured from Rub Some Dirt On It.)
  • Another spider web, and this time it was an activity to get the kids moving! See how to make a sticky spider web and catch the flies!

Other posts you don’t want to miss:

  • Let’s Lasso the Moon reminds us of the simple joys and pleasures in just saying ‘yes’ to a child’s request, even if your first instinct is no. (Kind of reminds me of of the 10 Simple Ways to Slow Down and Make Your Child’s Day.) The play quote about growing old is right on too! Love it!
  • Halloween trick or treating etiquette from JDaniel4’s Mom. A list to go over with the kids before you head out for the night!
  • I’m undecided if Henry’s ready to learn sight words yet. He’s all about wanting and trying to read, but doesn’t want to try to sound anything out. Maybe learning sight words would be a better way and I love this suggestion of tallies from Learn with Play at Home (along with the 9 other sight word learning ideas).

Henry’s Preschool ‘At-Home’ Activity:

Preschool writing practice

Henry got homework! (haha, okay, not really. Just a suggestion of what we can work on at home.)

To practice writing his name correctly. First letter capitalized, the rest lowercase. So that’s what we did. Dad was putting up the new blinds in George’s new room and out of the package came all these handy little cardboard pieces.

The cardboard was a great twist for Henry to write on and he loved it! He also realized that the first part of his name spells ‘hen’. A new word! Let’s keep the words coming!

Henry’s big news of the week:

No Training Wheels!

He can ride his bike without training wheels now!

It was pretty instant. Got him on and let him ride. Stopping and turning were a bit of an issue the first day, with a few crashes. The second day, stopping wasn’t a problem anymore, but turning was still tough. The third try, I wasn’t there, but I guess they ended up riding all over town and, according to Henry, he never crashed, except when he was trying to get started. Bravo my boy. I’m proud of you!

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