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DIY Magnet Activity Table for Valentine’s Day Learning

magnet activity with hearts-20150205-8

One fun hands on activity to learn in many ways! I love this magnet activity table! Welcome Dhiyana of Sparkling Buds! Hello, hands on: as we grow readers! I'm happy to guest post on one of my favorite blogs. Thanks Jamie for the opportunity! I have noticed all kids love to play with magnets. I feel that they are surprised to watch things snap together without glue. Like all ...

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt with Numbers

Valentine's Day Scavenger hunt with hearts to learn to recognize numbers

This Valentine's Day scavenger hunt for hearts is one of my all-time fave activities. Maybe just because its a scavenger hunt, but I also really get into Valentine's day crafts and activities too, so this is a great combo using them both. I shared this post first a couple years ago during the middle of the Valentine's Day season and we were counting down the days until ...

Heart Garland for Valentine’s Day

Make a heart garland for a Valentine's Day window!

A heart garland wasn't in the plan when we started cutting out hearts. George just wanted to do an activity, and cutting out hearts sounded like a good idea since Valentine's Day is coming up (already!). And, oh my gosh, who knew that this kid could cut so well! I really didn't know what to plan on when we started... I kind of thought it would be an activity that he'd start, ...