7 Gross Motor Activities for Fall

Gross Motor
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We like to move around here. I guess that’s what two boys do. And I’m sure it doesn’t just apply to boys either!

It’s also great for them to be doing, so I encourage it. (It usually makes bedtime go easier too!)

Something to do outside before it gets too chilly, or bring the fun indoors too! You can work on gross motor skills while inside on a rainy or snowy day!

These are some fun movement activities that I found on It’s Playtime last week! Join us this week with your play ideas too, and find all sorts or inspiration for play in the party below.

More inspiration of 70 gross motor activities can be found here on the blog too. Its one of my favorite types of activities to collect. So check out the first collection of 30 gross motor activities, as well as the second collection with 40 more gross motor ideas!


(above, from top, left to right)


And while they’re not really ‘fall’ related, they’re very much movement related. And they kind of steal my heart by using tape (have you seen our sticky spider webs?) and by doing big art.


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