5 Cars & Trucks Activities

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My boys like things with wheels. So its often the center of many of our activities. Its just easier to include them then try to get the boys interested in a completely different theme. By including them in our activities, it often does get them interested in a completely different theme that they would have otherwise overlooked.

I’ve selected 5 cars and trucks activities to share with you, just in case you have a child that seems to like things with wheels too.

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Cars and Trucks Activities

(above, from top, left to right)

  1. Small world play with cars and trucks. From MumCentral.
  2. Using play dough and some recycled caps, make cars! From and Idea on Tuesday.
  3. Make art while using your child’s interest of roads and cars! From Dotty Mum of One.
  4. Using your child’s interest of vehicles and making it a memory game of “What’s missing?” From Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk.
  5. Create roads with tape and drive on them. Let your child take lead and create! From Connecting Family and Seoul.

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Things that Go: Trucks

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