32 Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids To Do

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The possibilities of ideas for a scavenger hunt for kids are endless!

There are so many different fun scavenger hunt ideas for kids, but you can literally take any way to do a scavenger hunt and apply any variation you’d like to it!

For instance, any of the alphabet learning scavenger hunts listed below could also be made into learning opportunities for solving math problems, or beginner reading, or just something fun like trucks or dolls. It’s virtually endless and its so exciting to change them up to fit your own child’s interests!

We’ve done our fair share of scavenger hunts around here, and will keep doing more (a lot more now that I’ve collected all these ideas to base them off of) and I hope it’ll inspire some fun hunting at your house too.

32 scavenger hunt ideas for kids!

Please share any scavenger hunt ideas you have done with your kids below in the comments! I’m on a hunt to find all sorts of kinds.

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Several learning scavenger hunt ideas for kids, plus lots more other fun scavenger hunt ideas!

Learning Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids:

Reinforce Colors on a Scavenger Hunt:

Learn Numbers on a Hunt:

Hunt and Learn ABC’s & Beyond:

  • Search for uppercase letters around the house and match them to their correct lowercase letters.
  • Go on a letter sounds hunt and make it a game!
  • Find letters hidden in Easter eggs. Make spring words out of the found letters!
  • Have the kids find objects that start with each letter of the alphabet, from Playdate Magazine. This is a fun classic for road trips!
  • Go on a simple word hunt with a printable to download. Post-it notes make this one versatile to whatever your kid is learning! From Walking by the Way.

Several outdoor scavenger hunt ideas for kids, plus lots more other fun scavenger hunt ideas!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids:

Treasure Hunt Ideas:

Various Ideas to do a Traditional Scavenger Hunt

Various Ways to do a Traditional Scavenger Hunt:


I’m on a hunt to find more fun scavenger hunt ideas for kids!

Share any scavenger hunts you’ve done in the comments! What about getting active with the kids? Click the image below for 10 ways for YOU to join the kids and get moving with them outside!

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  1. says

    I loved this post! There are so many great ideas here. I recently wrote about encouraging reluctant readers with active reading games. One suggestion was to create a treasure hunt with simple written clues leading to a treat at the end of the game.

  2. Mandy says

    Both of my children love what we call stamper hunts. I hide small self inking stampers around I take a picture of the location and then the kids stamp their paper next to the picture. They love to stamp and they know it can only be on the paper. It can be done inside or outside the kids love it outside.

    Thank you so much for all the other great ideas.

  3. Shawna says

    We love doing scavenger hunts! We have also done around the town hunts where I give the kids written clues or photos of locations they have to find and they have to direct us there. And library hunts where the kids find books, movies, etc. in the library using their dewey decimal and computer skills.

  4. Shirley Wilson says

    We had pirate treasure hunts at the beach on vacation. We made a beat up treasure chest and filled it with old looking treasure. We made a map out of a crumpled up brown bag with clues. We buried it when they weren’t looking and rolled the map up and said look what is that, must be the pirates map that the peg leg Willie lost. It is hilarious to make them do everything on the map before they finally locate it. So much fun and creating lots of memories! That what family vacations are all about.

  5. Louise says

    When my grandkids were small 2-6 years I took a pot and wrapped treasures in aluminum foil and buried them in the pot. I then gave them shovels and let them dig for buried treasures. It was fun and took them quite awhile to find all of them as the pot was large.

  6. Roni says

    I have done a scavenger hunt for my tween’s sleepover birthday party. We didn’t start until about 10:00 that night and by the time it was over, they were exhausted and fell asleep by 1:00. We had her siblings participate and everything was in the house, nothing to do outside. They also had their cell phones to take photos of certian clues that required only a picture.

  7. says

    Love all your ideas. We have done a couple of treasure hunts.

    One following a trail of footprints with challenges to do on the way. http://mothersmessymadness.blogspot.ch/2013/10/footprint-treasure-hunt.html

    Another solving riddles http://mothersmessymadness.blogspot.ch/2013/11/christmas-treasure-hunt.html

    And an unusual one using a dictionary http://mothersmessymadness.blogspot.ch/2014/01/we-have-been-working-on-words-spelling.html

  8. says

    Hello! Being a speech pathologist, I don’t miss a chance to add language to games. Here is a link to our ‘backyard treasure list’ – ‘You can find language in your backyard’ http://wp.me/p3lx9U-oa
    This list is full of describing words that we re-use each time to find new things that match the adjectives. And we add in drawing each item to avoid touching the spiders etc and promote brain development :) Heidi

  9. Heather in Jersey City says

    Thank you for the two hours you gave back to me this morning! I was sitting here, attempting earnestly to think of good ideas for a scavenger hunt that I’m doing with my friend’s kids. I had a few, but not enough. Then I realized I should Pinterest it…found you…and I’m done! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. says

    Good day!

    I love scavenger hunts! Just to be upfront, that’s why I started a company that exclusively develops and administers to scavenger hunts, Thrill of the Hunt. (www.ThrillScavengerHunt.com)

    We do all sorts of hunts with kids and families. We have one that can be done inside our out, that gets the kids thinking creatively. Simply ask the children to find something in pairs, or find an object that looks like a turtle, or find three of a kind. The possibilities are endless! To make it more interactive I have options to pair up kids, if there are a bunch or they’re at a birthday party. I also include stamping a card etc. But that can be done as the parent sees fit. Kids the love the sense of accomplishment when they complete every item on the list and get rewarded with a stamp.

    Another idea to establish work ethic, even for a youngster is to hide clues under the child’s pile of toys, which need to be picked up and put away. If the toy has a designated area, then add another clue for the child to find, perhaps allowing them to work on compound words (clue #1 – work & clue #2 – station) or the clues can have pictures that match (clue #1 – a pic of a cloud with rain & clue #2 – an umbrella). Again, ideas are endless.

    Good luck to you!
    Aunt Heather

  11. Mark N says

    One thing that I have started doing with my kids is this thing called Geochaching. It is basically a modern day treasure hunt. All you need is a compass or your smartphone. There are over 20 in my neighborhood that me and the kids can walk to plus more around our community. Including some at their favorite places around town.

  12. Amy Sergent says

    I have a couple of really good Scavenger hunts that we have done, including one for Easter which was really fun and was geared for teenagers. If you want to send me an email, I can forward them to you and would be happy to share. I really appreciate the ideas I have taken from your website and would be very happy to contribute. – Amy

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