30 Gross Motor Activities for Kids with Lots of Energy

Gross Motor
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Gross motor activities for kids are so incredibly important in the development of their gross motor skills. From what I’ve read and heard from experts, kids should work on developing their gross motor skills before working on fine motor skills because they need to build up the big muscles first and then the little muscles have a much easier time.

Doing activities to work on gross motor skills also help out in another area. Burning off energy. Every kid has excess, right? That’s always what I’m looking for!

Henry has always been a child with lots and lots of energy.

He took his first steps at 8.5 months. He always runs instead of walks. He spins instead of stands. He climbs. Coloring bores him. Crafts spend too much time sitting. Henry simply likes to move.

I am learning to deal with embrace the energy instead of trying to hinder it.

Here are 4 ways to move that help with gross motor skills & the endless amount of energy:

There’s even more Gross Motor Activities that we’ve done since — so keep on browsing!

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30 gross motor activities for kids with LOTS of energy!

Here are 26 more gross motor activities for kids to burn off energy!

How do your kids burn off all their energy?For more inspiration: 40 more gross motor activities to get your kids moving, too!

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  1. Lindsay says

    I have four kids, so they can entertain each other sometimes. Yesterday they were stir crazy and it was one of the first warm days of the year, so I pulled out all the spray bottles I could find (Why do I have so many? I don’t know..) and filled a mop bucket with water for them to use for refills, and sent them outside to have a water fight. They went right to sleep last night.

  2. Carri says

    This is PERFECT! Like your little guy, Blake started walking at 8 months. By 9 months, he was running. And I mean RUNNING. He’s naturally athletic (which is funny because neither of us are into sports) and loves playing outside. This is awesome!

  3. Lisa Nolan says

    Great post! I’m adding it to my top ten Get Kids Moving blog post this week! Do I have your permission to use a photo from your blog post? Thanks for letting me know by Wednesday April 4th!

  4. france says

    Thanks for these..i have a son that’s as active like yours & also dislikes anything that require much time sitting, so on sunny days i let him play outside, running, biking or sometimes we bring him to the beach or we go to a sports complex & jog..indoor activities would be very much useful during rainy days

  5. Rhonda says

    Hi, I love this list and have used many. Revisiting and tried to click on the Hop and Pop. It denied access requiring one to be invited to read the blog. I think I could figure it out (or a version of it), but could you explain what/how the activity is played? Thanks!

    • says

      Rhonda — thanks so much! I am so bummed, I cannot find that post anywhere. Its basically squares of bubble wrap with letters (or sight words, numbers, etc – whatever you’re learning) — spread out on the floor and you call out a letter and the child finds it and hops on it to pop it. Does that make sense? I’m going to keep looking to see if I can find it still.

  6. Crystal says

    Hi! I know this post is older and you may not see this, but I just wanted to say how much I love the way the links in this post are organized and that they have a picture that goes with them. It is very reader friendly!

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