Promote Fine Motor Skills with 30 Activities & Materials


Fine Motor Skills have always been put on a back burner in this house, until recently.

What a difference a year makes!

Last year, Henry wouldn’t sit still, or have any desire to do anything that didn’t involve a lot of running around. We were really into activities that promoted his gross motor skills at that time.

But recently, Henry’s taken a turn and likes to focus on some of these littler things. He loves to cut especially.

Now that’s he’s interested in these fine motor activities, what can we do?

I’ve gathered up some inspiration.

30 Activities & Materials that Promote Fine Motor Skills


Some materials that promote fine motor skills…

Along with some activities to do with them!


Materials that promote fine motor skills:


Use pom poms for fine motor activities Use buttons for fine motor activities
Pom Poms Buttons
Use paper clips for fine motor activities Use clothespins for fine motor activities
Paper Clips
Our Country Road
The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking
Use rubber bands in fine motor activities Use tweezers in fine motor activities
Rubber Bands Tweezers
Lessons Learnt Journal
Use pipe cleaners in fine motor activities Use straws in fine motor activities
Pipe Cleaners Straws
The Imagination Tree
Use play dough in fine motor activities Use nuts and bolts for fine motor activities
Play Dough
Homeschool Creations
Knobs & Screws [or Nuts & Bolts]
Use stickers in fine motor activities Use a hole punch in fine motor activities
ABC & 123
Hole Punch
Creative Connections for Kids
Use syringes and basters in fine motor activities Use the kithcen tongs in fine motor activities
Syringes & Basters Kitchen Tongs
Crayon Freckles
Use toothpicks in fine motor activities
Use baskets and colanders in fine motor activities
Creativity My Passion
 Baskets & Colanders

Activities that promote fine motor skills:


Do sewing for fine motor skills Do weaving for fine motor skills
Kitchen Counter Chronicles
JDaniel4′s Mom
Do lacing for fine motor skills Do beading for fine motor skills
Journey into Unschooling
Art for Little Hands
Do balancing for fine motor skills Spoon marbles for fine motor skills
Pink and Green Mama
Spooning Marbles
Little Hands Big Work
Paint and write with water for fine motor skills Match colors with clothespins for fine motor skills
Paint with Water Writing
Kingdom First Homeschool
Clothespin Color Match
My Homemade Montessori
Thread buttons onto pipe cleaners for fine motor skills Paint with mini sponges for fine motor skills
Pipe Cleaner & Button Color Match
Diapers to Diplomas
Paint with Mini Sponges
Therapy Fun Zone
Cut for fine motor skills Sort small pieces of candy for fine motor skills
The Princess and the Tot
Candy Sorting
Play Dr Mom
Punch holes with toothpicks for fine motor skills Do buttoning for fine motor skills
Toothpick Punching
Creative with Kids
Rockabye Butterfly
32 Objects for Strengthening Fine Motor SkillsEven more activities for fine motor skills. These 32 activities are focused on objects that help strengthen a child’s hand grip.



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  1. Isil says

    Great list!My son has just turned 2 and right now he is also into this kind of activities. He loves sticking things,posting buttons in slotted lidded container and tweezing pompoms are his favorites.

  2. Having Fun says

    This list will keep us busy for a long time. Several of your activities we haven't tried yet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kristina says

    What a great list of activities!
    I am pinning this to use as a reference.
    I think the idea you shared from us actually isn't from Toddler Approved though.

  4. Becky says

    This post totally rocked. I just got so many ideas that are going to help me get through the winter! Thank you!

  5. shirley says

    Thank you!! My son is still struggling and we are getting close to kindergarten roundup and I am concerned he is really going to struggle next year. Unfortunately, the suggestions from the OT at the school are pathetic at best. I so thankful there are other moms out there who share ideas. We have been doing the bolts & nuts (a suggestion from my mom) and being a boy he loves it plus the weight of the bolts is a great strengthening exercise for his hands as well. Since I do not have a blog I am glad to see someone else suggested it too!

  6. Raising a Happy Child says

    This is an awesome list! So many good ideas in one place. I am sure it will be pinned 1000 times :)

  7. luckyrock says

    this is such a great post and I thank you for it.
    here, here and here you can find my ideas.

  8. rachelle | tinkerlab says

    I love this post, Jamie! You come up with the best ideas and I know my readers will love them too!

  9. Joyce says

    Great round up! We do a lot of those activities, but I seen several that we need to do! Thanks for rounding all of these great ideas up into one easily accessible space. Can we predict more arts and crafts in your future? Haha :)

  10. Junky Jen says

    I work with developmentally delayed preschoolers and sometimes run out of "new" ideas!! Love all of your links and ideas and will be directing parents your way!! Thanks!!

  11. Jen says

    Wow- what an awesome collection! My little man is into beans and rice. He calls it scoop, scooop. Also- loved playing with oatmeal. He's getting pretty good with the plastic chopsticks, too. :)

  12. Anonymous says

    Thanks! I also use poster pins and call it pin prick art. Etcha Sketch, lite brite, aqua doodle, pushing beads through cutouts on a yogurt container lid, silly putty…