30 Days to Hands on Play : Play in a Box

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30 days to hands on play


Spend (at least) 15 minutes playing with, in or around a cardboard box! Let the imaginations of your children decide what it will be today. Add any elements needed to create it.
Tinkerlab had a cardboard box challenge last May, you can check out our Cardboard Box Ramps, as well as 24 cardboard box ideas that are all linked up to her challenge.

Some quick ideas for a box:

  • a boat or a vehicle (car, truck, tractor)
  • a kitchen or refrigerator
  • a table for all sorts of fun
  • a magic box!

(Remember to keep it uninterrupted time: being present with the child. No technology, phones, television, computer, etc. No errands, chores, making dinner, etc.)

I simply set out this box. It was from a case of wine (thanks sis!), so it had cartons to hold the bottles in place, as well as cardboard dividers.

I told Henry, “Let’s see what this can become today!” and left the room for a minute to grab something. He had already decided the dividers were the wings for his airplane by the time I got back!

So we went to work making this his airplane, taping some items in place, but mostly playing in it (yes, I even got in this box!), flying from place to place (also all imaginary places). George thought it was great to be around the airplane, but didn’t really care to be in it…

Is your box just a box?
Comment here to let us know what you did, as well as see what others did on The Play Network.

This ‘Challenge’ is meant to get you started, to spark your creativity with your kids (and their creativity!). Your child may not be interested in this specific challenge, and that’s okay! Have another go at a previous challenge, or don’t be afraid to just sit and play with them and see where they lead you.

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We’re entering the last few days of the challenge, but please join us!
See what this challenge is all about and how you can join in:
30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge.
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