30 Days to Hands on Play : Paint

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30 days to hands on play


Paint! In anyway you like! Get creative (and maybe a little messy), and spend 15 minutes of uninterrupted time, with the kids today!
Challenge yourself to use a new tool to paint with. Or even better, paint on something out of the ordinary! Or maybe use a new method of painting!

Get some inspiration by these 40 Big Art ideas. They’re bound to get your wheels turning!

(*uninterrupted : being present with the child. No technology, phones, television, computer, etc. No errands, chores, making dinner, etc.)

Henry chose to paint pumpkins! Unexpected by me, for sure!

We had fun, painting with our paintbrushes, making the pumpkins green (with a touch of yellow)!
(For added sparkle, we loaded them up with glitter, too.)

I could rattle off many painting ideas, but I’ll keep to just few:

  • paint with sponges
  • paint on tin foil
  • paint on the window
  • fingerpaint!
  • tape resist paint
  • paint a box, inside or out!

What method of painting will you try?
Comment here as well as see what others did on The Play Network.

This ‘Challenge’ is meant to get you started, to spark your creativity with your kids (and their creativity!). Your child may not be interested in this specific challenge, and that’s okay! Have another go at a previous challenge, or don’t be afraid to just sit and play with them and see where they lead you.

The Imagination Tree
will have tomorrow’s challenge for Day 21!

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Its not too late to get started!
See what this challenge is all about and how you can join in:
30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge.
Jump in at any time, or go back and start from the beginning!

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  1. Anna @ The Imagination Tree says

    Love his pumpkins! We were at church and family today but we will get those paints out in the morning and think of something unusual to paint on! Thank you :-)

  2. [email protected] says

    I really love the play prompts provided through the 30 days to Hands on Play challenge. Simply brilliant. Thank you!

    Here's a recap of how we painted.


    – Pauline xoxo

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