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30 days to hands on play

Today is the final day of the 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge.
While this month has been exhausting with keeping up with all the challenges and all the participants, I’m very sad to see its over already!

The Imagination Tree and I have had thousands of visitors checking in on the challenges, as well as over 600 participants receiving the daily challenge emails. A-maz-ing! The feedback we’ve received throughout all the challenges is incredibly inspiring and truly reminded us of the purpose of this challenge.

What have you learned from this hands on play challenge?

I hope there’s a few things you have taken away from this challenge that will help keep the hands on play going in your house. Anna and I have even discovered how rewarding this challenge has been for us, too!

I have learned one major thing from this challenge.
My house is so much happier when I’m playing with the boys. I’m more focused on them, I’m happier. They’re happier. My husband is happier. We’re all around happier.

We’re committing ourselves to keep the play challenge going in our house! And we hope you’ll join in with us in keeping the play going!

Keep challenging yourself to do what we’ve been doing every day. Spend at least 15 minutes with your child playing! You’ve got the ideas now from the past 30 days, now expand upon those and keep the play going in your house!

A few suggestions on how to continue playing in your house:

Make the goodies available to the kids!

  • Play dough with a box of goodies (think buttons, pipe cleaners, toothpicks, etc) to add in!
  • Craft items, such as paper, scissors, glue (if age-appropriate)
  • Before throwing some items away, upcycle them into something nifty. (Save items such as toilet paper & paper towel rolls, ribbons, tissue and wrapping paper, even cooked, or uncooked, pasta!)

Think of all the areas of play, and try out new ones on one of those ‘off’ days:

Remember to be focused with your childwhen you’re playing with them (they can easily tell if your mind is elsewhere). Our motto throughout the challenge has been to dedicate 15 minutes (at least), of uninterrupted time, playing with the kids. That means no gadgets, no chores, no stress. Just play!

While its great to introduce new ideas of play, sometimes they just don’t meld well with the child. And sometimes its just the day. All that matters is that you’re playing with them. Follow their lead and just play with them. Be with them, not beside them, in their play.

Some days, prompting is definitely needed though. Have a go-to list ready to ask your child what they’d like to do today. Believe me when I say this: When I used to ask Henry what he’d like to do, he had no idea what I was talking about and rarely wanted to do it. Now that we’ve been playing ‘hands on’ for quite some time now. Not only does he jump at the chance when I mention something to do, he often asks me to try something new today!

If needed, come back and refresh your play ideas with one of the Hands on Play Challenges found here or on The Imagination Tree.

Surprise! Anna and I are recreating the 30 Days to Hands on Play into an eBook! A super easy way for you to have all the challenges right at your fingertips, ready to play! We’ll be working on getting them put together and ready for download in the New Year! Can’t wait!

Today (November 30) is the LAST day
to enter to win this amazing toy that Imagine Toys
is putting up just for our challenge participants.
Make sure you enter to win it here!

Anna and I have also been ecstatic with all the excitement this challenge has brought on. We’re also very excited to read about each and every one of your takes on the challenges! Other bloggers blogging about the challenge is something we never expected! (If you’re not a blogger, we’d still like to hear about your challenges, so please do leave us comments or email us!)

If you have posted about any of the challenges, please share them here!
We’d love to have a collection of all the play challenges.
Since the cameras were put away during many of the challenges, this is a text only linky party! So be sure to include the challenge day and your blog name in your entry (i.e. Day 1: Fort Building at hands on : as we grow).

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  1. Niki says

    I have had such a blast participating in the challenge and I've learned a lot about my kids (and myself). I am so very thankful to you both. Not only that, but it inspired me to blog almost EVERY DAY in November! It was nice to reflect on the days' activities after the kids were in bed.

  2. Amanda @ The Educators' Spin On It says

    We've enjoyed participating too! It is always great to have others encouraging play. I have realized that we actually spend more time playing than I ever gave myself credit for!
    PS – our box play is still continuing =)

  3. Charlotte says

    Sorry to have completely spammed your linky – this isn't even all our posts, that's how inspired we have been!

    Thankyou so much for this challenge, I am really greatful for the time you have essentially given me with my son – so often I didn't even realise I was busy or distracted – through this playing I have reclaimed that time.

    We have had so many new experiences and found new ways to have fun, I have really stepped out of my comfort zone and learned a lot about myself as a parent and carer as well as about my little one. It is truly amazing to see how powerful play can be.

    I hope you guys will consider hosting another challenge, we are definitely looking forward to the e-book!

    Blue Skies,
    Charlotte xo

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