21 Valentine Crafts for Preschoolers That are Just Plain Cute!

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I just love Valentine crafts…

Especially Valentine crafts for preschoolers because the kids can get into it a bit more than a toddler would with crafts. There’s so many more options when you get to the preschooler age when they’re more controlled in their ways (at least a little bit).

There’s so many cute crafts for Valentine’s Day! How could I not share a few of my favorite ones?

21 Valentine crafts for preschoolers that are just plain cute!

We actually have Valentine’s Day off from school this year due to Parent/Teacher conferences. (Which I’m always super excited to attend! I love hearing the teacher’s feedback!)

So the kids and I will have the entire day to enjoy together and making more Valentine crafts will definitely be a top priority for the day!

Something about hearts and reds and pinks and purples puts warm fuzzies in my tummy! I can’t get enough of it.

Enough chit chat! Let’s get to these adorable Valentine crafts for preschoolers to make!

21 Just Plain Cute Valentine Crafts for Preschoolers to Make:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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