10 Simple Ways to Slow Down & Make Your Child’s Day

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Today’s post is a wonderful parenting reminder shared by Joyce of Childhood Beckons. 10 wonderful ways to slow down and savor the moments with your kids! We all need to take time to do these!

10 simple ways to slow down and make your child's day! Yes!

Life can be hectic and busy. Parenting can sometimes seem to compound that problem.

And then there’s the holidays. It’s very easy to get caught up in your to-do list. Or at least, it is for me. We are always having to run here or there, finish this, clean that. Sometimes I find myself saying “no” when I should be saying “yes!”

Today, I wanted to share a few ideas on making time to slow down and have fun.

10 Simple Ways to Slow Down & Make Your Child's Day
I try to allow time to have fun, but sometimes we really don’t have the time to jump over every crack.

When we’ve had an especially hurried few days I like to plan one day to be a preschoolers paradise. We still do what needs to be done, but I take extra care in the planning and make it my mission to say yes. I try to view the entire day through the eyes of my preschooler.

Five things we do while running errands:

  1. We jump over the cracks! Both of us, it’s more fun that way.
  2. He pushes all the buttons! Elevators, debit card machines, coke machines.
  3. We stop at the grocery store with the carousel even if we don’t have shopping to do. It’s sacrificing five minutes time for some smiles and giggles. Well worth it.
  4. We take the time to stop and watch that trail of ants, find the perfect rock, or read every sign we see. This is something we try to do everyday, but it can often get pushed to the side when we are in a hurry.
  5. We have coin races in the Children’s Miracle Network donation bins. I bring a bag of change for this purpose. We watch the coins spin round and round. We declare victors.

10 Simple Ways to Slow Down & Make Your Child's Day

Five ideas for the time spent at home:

  1. Let them help make dinner. Let them pick dinner! Yes, it might be more work for you, but they’ll be thrilled to help. And you might get the added bonus of them eating better than usual.
  2. Play that board game before you make the phone call. Most games don’t take that long to play and making your child a priority will make them feel extra special.
  3. Read them one more book. Or three!
  4. Is it going to make a mess? Help them make a mess! Let them help you clean it up. That can be almost as much fun as making the mess. No, really.
  5. Plan an extra special bath. Instead of getting them out, add more warm water once the original water turns cold. My son looks forward to bath time, but by that time, I’m often looking forward to bed time. This is always a favorite!


All of these things combined makes for a very happy child. I usually get a lot of sweet comments at the end of one of these days. The truth is, I’m happier too. But you don’t have to do all of these things in one day like we do. Have you been feeling rushed? Set out to try a few things from this list, or come up with a few of your own. You’ll all be glad you did.


Need a few more fun ways to slow down?


What can you do to slow down and make your child extra happy?

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  1. Being-a-Mama says

    Thanks Joyce, We have been having "issues" with bath time lately, reminded of an embarrassing photo my parents took of a 4 yr old me, empty bath, me face down refusing to get out. not we have a 2.5 yr old who HATES ending bath time. we decided to change routine from bath every 3rd evening until once a week, saturday night, and have an early extra long bath. so great tip re topping up cooling water. can't wait till tomoorw.
    thanks for all the tips!

  2. Anonymous says

    Thank you for making me feel like a good mommy. I already do most of these with my 2 year old son, instead of the carousel we stop at any park we pass sometimes for only a few minutes other times I forget what we were doing which means we get to do it again tomorrow.

  3. says

    Hi Joyce! I really enjoyed reading this. It is a big reminder to me of how important the little things are to them! It is so easy to get caught up in the big “adult” things. :(

    I think just giving my children more time will make them happy!! Everything you listed is something I need to work on.

    Thanks again.

  4. Marnie @ Carrots are Orange says

    Oh, I loved this post. Thank you!!! I love the look on my sons face when I dance extra hard or extra funny during a song. For some reason those moments, like the ones you mention above in your post, of letting go and slowing down really impact our babies. Thank you for the reminder!

    • says

      That’s very true. I’m a mother of one and that surely influences my ideas and writing. I do try to take other families’ situations into consideration when I write, but I also write about what I know. I hope that families with more than one child can use a lot of the ideas I’ve shared. I’ve read back through the ideas I’ve shared and I think many could be easier or more fun with more children. My goal for this post was to give busy moms simple ideas to make their children feel special. Simple ways that might not take a lot of time at all. And moms can be busy for several different reasons. Some moms work a lot. Some moms have more than one child. Some moms are single moms with a lot on their plate. Some moms are taking care of elderly parents. I hope that regardless of their situations, they can be inspired to intentionally make small pockets of time for their children. And I hope that they have fun doing it.

      • handsonaswegrow says

        I think you’re exactly right! As a mom of two (soon to be three) I think these ways to slow down are even more important so slow down with each child individually, even if you have all the kids with you. You can still make each child feel special on an individual basis with your simple suggestions! Love them all!

      • Andie says

        absolutely! it’s difficult having more than one child and finding ways to do this. but i think that it’s important to spend time with each child individually. it may take extra effort on our part, but isn’t it worth it in the end? being seen and appreciated as an individual boosts a child’s self-esteem. maybe it means having the rest of the brood {that’s what i call mine} stay home with the other parent/friend/grandparent while you have a “mommy and me date” to just go get ice cream… or keeping them up 15 minutes later to read a book. life is different for every family, we all just have to find what works for us. and i think that with some rearranging of priorities, these ideas will be effective.

        • says

          I have 3 children ( 1, 4, and 9) I enjoyed this post so much and I agree with the comments above. You don’t have toonly have 1 child to do things like this!! For me, this was a great reminder, not to do exactly the things that the post mentioned, but to find fun ways in what worked with our schedule to stop and enjoy the simple things. :)

    • says

      I do these things, too, and I have four boys four and under. My house isn’t as clean as it used to be, but we love our time together. These years are too precious to not make the most of them. Awesome post. :)

      • says

        I also have 4 little ones and I think all of these ideas are great. Some of them can be done together (like jumping over the cracks), some you can take turns. Making those special memories may be more challenging with multiple kids, but it’s also more important!

  5. Megan says

    I found this via Pinterest and I need this reminder! Thank you! My daughter is almost 3 and I find that my favorite nights with her are those spent with her on my lap (have to enjoy it while I can!), snuggling with her. One night we tickled and tickled until we couldn’t tickle anymore, then stopped for a break and did it again. It was wonderful. Possibly the best night of my life with her! I have to remind myself to unplug from the world, put off the dishes and the homework and the grading and focus on my daughter. She’s what’s got us through so much in my family and she’ll continue to be the shining star. And for making me remember that, I want to get away from working and go pick her up early from daycare!!!

    • says

      Thank you, Megan, for sharing such a sweet moment with me and everyone reading. I’m so glad that my post made you reflect and moved you in some way. I agree with you in that some of my all time favorite memories of time with my son are the simple things. But I have to remind myself of this fact as well. That sounded like an absolutely wonderful night :)

  6. Yvette says

    Thank you for the reminder. I needed especially this week. I have a 17 yr old son who is his class president and in charge of decorating for prom. Therefore, that make me very busy, and my poor little 6 yr old daughter feels a bit left out. I will try these tips!

  7. says

    I love this post Joyce! Such simple ideas, yet ones that kids LOVE so much! We have a free horse at our grocery store and sometimes we go just to ride it. Not as often now that we have baby brother, but now that I read this I realize it’s something we need to do more!

  8. says

    With four kids, one 10, two 9.5, and a 15 month old, we tend to run pell mell through the week, much less each day! At the dinner table every night (yep! we insist on dinner together!) we do Our Favorite Part Of The Day….some days, we have our lowest points of the day – hey, we all have sucky days sometimes. It’s gives us a view of their world, what’s important to them, and TONS of great laughs at the table.

    LOVE this list!!!

  9. Taz says

    every night I go to bed & promise myself tomorrow I’ll be more attentive to my 4yo. It breaks my heart how fast he is growing & these days all I seem to do is hurry him up. Ironic isn’t it?!
    I stumbled across your post looking for something to print out for the fridge to remind me to SLOW DOWN. It’s done wonders and helped put it all into perspective. Tomorrow will definitely be preschooler day :-)

  10. says

    Joyce, thank you for sharing this ideas, loved them and shared on Twitter. I like playing with kids different games – active and passive. Kids make me feel happier and I return to my childhood when the days were crawling soooooo slowly. I think I haven’t played and fooled around enough as a child, becuse I keep on diong this as an adult already :-))))

  11. says

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