8 Simple Ways for a Fun Snow Day!

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Snow days always throw me for a loop. What to do with the kids… make them a day to remember with these 8 indoor activities for kids to do on a snow day!

After having so, so many of them this year, I’m finding a few types of indoor activities that are my go to activities for these kinds of days, and to make them fun snow days that they kids will remember!

8 sure-fire ways to have a fun snow day with the kids! A go-to list of indoor snow day activities for kids to make snow days one the kids will remember!

8 sure-fire ways to have a fun snow day with the kids!

Simple, easy to do, and quick indoor snow day activities for kids! Plus there’s always 32 snow theme activities for kids to do too.

  1. Games, puzzles, coloring books. All very good. My kids are on a game kick right now, so snow days are a perfect time to really get some game action in.
  2. Tape. Getting the kids moving…. and being stuck inside… usually makes it difficult, but have found tape to be a life saver. Yep. Tape. I love tape activities. From the sticky spider web to mazes on the floor to just a simple line of tape, all work wonders. But my favorite – a bunch of lines of tape on the floor to see how far they can jump (the day will fly by!).
  3. Couch cushions. Fort building and ‘island’ jumping or walking along all the cushions. Let them find a challenge for the day!
  4. Scavenger hunts. Whatever it may be. A simple ‘can you find…?’ as you think them up, or a more thought out one that has clues placed around the house for them to solve and find.
  5. Bring the sand box inside. With rice, flour, oatmeal, whatever you have. Let them drive the cars and trucks in it in a small tub or tray. Or add measuring tools and cups to measure and pour or mix things up.
  6. A Box. I couldn’t leave out a box. If you’re lucky to have a huge one, go dumpster diving for treasures! Or see what they can make from any kind of box you may have (even a cereal box can lead to something)!
  7. Crafty stuff. Threading anything is a great calming ‘busy’ activity. Thread a necklace with straws, or a bird feeder with cereal, or use beads to make something special for someone.
  8. Let them get creative! Lay out a big sheet of paper and see what they come up with! Bonus for putting it in an odd spot – they’ll think its fun! Try the coffee table, the floor, or underneath the table even.

What’s your favorite activity for a Snow Day?

Here’s some more ideas:

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